Tips and Guidelines on How to sell your iPhone 4

If you own an old iPhone 4 and you want to upgrade to the latest iPhone version, you might want to sell your iPhone 4. Apple is constantly releasing the latest versions of its iPhone. Since the latest iPhone models come with better technology and features, Apple fans are always looking forward to purchasing them. As such, they sell their old iPhones to purchase the latest models. Among the latest iPhone versions that most iPhone 4 owners might want to purchase include iPhone 5c, iPhone 5s, iPhone 6, iPhone 6s as well as iPhone 6s Plus. This means that you can sell your old iPhone 4 and get one of these latest iPhone models. Watch our Youtube video wherein our experts share tips and guidelines that will enable you to get a better deal while selling your used iPhone 4.

Know the expected release date of the latest iPhone version

After the announcement of the date when the latest iPhone version is expected to be released, the race for selling old iPhones starts. You stand to get a better deal on your iPhone 4 of you sell it when the launch of a new iPhone is about to be announced than when you sell it when the launch of a new iPhone version has already been announced. This means that the earlier you opt to sell your used iPhone 4 the better. Nevertheless, selling your iPhone 4 early will have some inconvenience because it means going for some days without a phone. Nevertheless, the inconvenience might be worthwhile considering the amount of money you can make by selling your iPhone early. You can also get a cell phone that you can use temporarily as you wait for the release of the latest iPhone model and its availability for purchase.

Back up and delete personal information

Before you offer your iPhone 4 for sale, back up your data and delete personal information in the iPhone. Deactivate “Find My iPhone” app too because it can lead to blocking of the new user when they attempt to activate it. It is also important that you sign out from iMessage. This will ensure that the new owner does not continue receiving your messages. Also remove your SIM card before you sell the iPhone. You can simply deactivate the iPhone. However, you can take extra precaution and remove the SIM card entirely. This is important because the SIM card has vital personal information including your security data, phone number, billing information as well as activity on the iPhone.

Use an iPhone sale service

Conducting research while selling a used iPhone 4 takes time and it can be a real hassle. However, using our iPhone sale service makes it easier. It enables you to offer your iPhone 4 for sale to more prospects. You simply need to describe the model of your device, its condition and capacity. It is that simple and you do not have to hassle looking for people to buy your iPhone the way you would if you decide to sell your iPhone 4 locally.

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